Choreography of Thought

4. March 2020 18:00 -
26. April 2020 19:00

Choreography of Thought

Artists: Janek Rous, Hana Turečková Polanská a Ivan Svoboda, Zuzana Žabková
Curated by Viktor Čech
Architect: Matěj Kos
Graphic design: Jan Slabihoudek

Opening: 4th of March 2020, 6:00 PM
Duration of the exhibition: 5th of March 2020 - 26th of April 2020

Accompanying program:

25th of March 2020, 7 PM, Dance as a Metaphor of Thinking? (lecture by Viktor Čech):
8th of April 2020, 6 PM , Ecosystems of Movement and Thinking (panel discussion)
23th of April 2020, 6 PM, guided tour

Can be physical movement a metaphor of our thought? Can it be understood as a possibility to relate to thinking processes different from their mere verbalisation? This project is built around these questions. The exhibition is accompanying series of lectures, screenings and discussions.


Galerie AMU

Malostranské náměstí 12, Praha 1
(vchod z průchodu do ulice Tržiště)