Promulgating the Rules of Procedure of the Environmental Panel download (pdf)



Article 1 General principles
(1)    The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (hereinafter “AMU”) considers environmental sustainability to be a key issue that AMU and society at large will have to deal with in the future, and is aware of its role as an educational institution that indirectly influences the future forms of environmental policy through its educational activity.
(2)    With regard to the aforesaid and in accordance with the resolution of the Academic Senate of AMU dated 16 October 2019, I hereby establish the Environmental Panel of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (the “Panel”) as an advisory body to the Rector and to the Academic Senate of AMU (“AS AMU”).

Article 2 Membership of the Panel
(1)    The Panel has seven (7) members whose term of office is three (3) years.
(2)    The Rector appoints and recalls the members of the Panel. When choosing the candidates, their integrity, moral authority and experience with activity in the academic community is taken into consideration.
(3)    The Rector shall appoint:

  • a) One Panel member from among persons who are not employed by AMU;
  • b) Three Panel members from among the academic employees of AMU, i.e., one member for each Faculty of AMU based on the recommendation from the Dean of each Faculty of AMU, subject to the previous approval of the Academic Senate of the respective AMU Faculty;
  • c) Three Panel members from among the AMU students, i.e., one member for each Faculty of AMU based on the recommendation from the Dean of each Faculty of AMU, subject to the previous approval of the Academic Senate of the respective AMU Faculty.

(4)    The term of office of a Panel member starts on the day on which the member was appointed.
(5)    The position of a Panel member ceases to exist:

  • a) On the day when their term of office expires;
  • b) When the member loses their eligibility to hold the office, including but not limited under clause 3(a) to (c),
  • c) On the day of delivery of a written notice of resignation to the Rector;
  • d) On the day when the member is recalled by the Rector;
  • e) Upon passing away.

(6)    If the position of a Panel member ceases to exist prior to the expiry of the relevant term of office, the new Panel member shall be appointed only for the remainder of the term of office of the former member.
(7)    If there is a reason to believe that the interests of any Panel member are contrary to the interests of AMU and AMU’s internal regulations and policies with regard to the member’s relationship to a discussed matter or to persons whom the matter concerns, the Panel member shall disclose this promptly during a Panel meeting or in their first reply as part of a correspondence meeting.

Article 3 Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary of the Panel
(1)    The Panel elects and recalls its Chair and Vice Chair from among its members.
(2)    The Chair of the Panel:

  • a) Calls and chairs Panel meetings;
  • b) Proposes the agenda for Panel meetings;
  • c) Prepares resolutions of the Panel;
  • d) Signs documents of the Panel;
  • e) Is authorised to request documents necessary for the Panel’s activity;
  • f)  Is authorised to request cooperation and opinions necessary for the Panel’s activity;
  • g) May invite guests to a Panel meeting;
  • h) Directs the activities of the Secretary of the Panel.

(3)    The Vice-Chair stands in for the Chair during their absence. If neither the Chair nor the Vice-Chair is elected or present, the oldest member of the Panel shall be in charge of the activities under clause (2).
(4)    The Secretary is not a member of the Panel but is authorised to take part in Panel meetings. The Rector shall appoint a selected employee to hold the office of the Secretary. The Secretary provides office and technical work required for the activity of the Panel.

Article 4 Meetings of the Panel
(1)    The Panel shall meet at least twice every year. The Chair calls the Panel meetings upon the request from the Rector or from the Chair of AS AMU or at their discretion.
(2)    Panel members may not be substituted in meetings.
(3)    The Rector, Vice-Rectors and members of AS AMU may take part in Panel meetings in an advisory role. Other persons may take part in meetings if these Rules authorise them to do so or if the Panel allows them to take part.
(4)    Panel meetings are not public, unless the Chair rules otherwise.
(5)    The Panel has quorum if a simple majority of all Panel members and at least one member from each AMU Faculty are present or participate otherwise (by means of a video call).
(6)    The Chair of the Panel shall propose the agenda for the meetings and the members shall be informed about the proposal in advance, but no later than along with the invitation to the meeting. The documents for discussion shall be sent to Panel members at least one week prior to the Panel meeting. The agenda of the meeting is approved upon the opening of the deliberations, following the discussion regarding suggestions for changes. All Panel members are authorised to propose suggestions for changes.
(7)    As a rule, the individual items on the agenda are discussed in a debate. The Chair gives the Panel members the floor in the order that they ask for it. If there are time constraints, the Chair has the right to set a limit for the speakers or end the debate even though certain speakers were not given the floor.
(8)    The Panel adopts resolutions on the individual items on the agenda by vote. Votes may be done by acclamation or secretly, provided that the Panel agrees on this form of vote in advance. If a single member requests that a vote be secret, their request shall be granted.
(9)    The approval of a motion requires the agreement of a simple majority of all attending Panel members.
(10)    Minutes of the Panel meetings shall be made. The Secretary shall send the minutes to the Rector and the Chair of AS AMU, and a hard copy of the minutes shall be deposited in the Rector’s secretariat.

Article 5 Deliberations outside meetings (correspondence vote)
(1)    In justified cases, the Panel may adopt resolutions outside meetings based on the Chair’s proposal (correspondence vote on motions). Correspondence vote is not admissible for resolutions regarding the reports on activity.
(2)    The Chair of the Panel shall send the documents including the precise wording of the motion, vote form and a deadline for submission to Panel members at least one week in advance. A completed vote form shall contain the voter’s first name and surname and their vote (Yes/No).
(3)    The deadline for submission for Panel members shall not be shorter than five (5) business days.
(4)    A resolution is considered to be passed if at least four Panel members agree with it.
(5)    The minutes of the latest Panel meeting shall include the voting report specifying how many members were for the motion, how many were against and/or how many did not vote within the specified deadline.
(6)    If at least one Panel member voices their disapproval with this method of vote within the period for submission, the vote shall not take place in this manner and a regular meeting of the Panel shall be called.

Article 6 Rights and obligations of the Panel
(1)    The Panel shall submit a report on its activity to the Rector and AS AMU at least twice every academic year.
(2)    The report on the activity of the Panel shall include, without limitation:

  • a) Analysis and evaluation of the existing practice in the instruction, operation and corporate social responsibility of AMU in terms of environmental impact;
  • b) Suggested measures to minimise the environmental impact of AMU as an institution in the future, including at the cost of financial requirements;
  • c) The suggested measures as per the previous clause shall include the evaluation of the necessity of a change from the initial status; evaluation of the impact of the expected change including the economic and financial impact of the suggested measure on the budget of AMU or a part of it; and the evaluation of the impact on AMU employees and students.

(3)    The Panel may request the cooperation from any AMU employee or student in the preparation of the report on activity.
(4)    The Panel may request expert opinions for the purposes of preparing the report on activity. The experts shall have no interest in the matter. The opinions shall be submitted in writing. AMU shall bear the cost of such opinions, provided that the request for an expert opinion including the costs of such opinion is approved by the Rector in advance.
(5)    Within its competency, the Panel shall cooperate with other bodies of AMU, the Rector’s permanent advisory bodies and the bodies of the Faculties or other parts of AMU.
(6)    The Panel is authorised to request additional documents regarding the discussed matters from the bodies mentioned in the preceding clause, including their opinions and the comments from AMU students and/or employees.

Article 7 Final provisions
(1)    This Decree abolishes Rector’s Decree No. 5/2020.
(2)    This Decree becomes valid upon signing and effective on 4 September 2020.