(H)AMUFEST: Managing less, 3rd environmental day of AMU

4. June 2023 14:00 -
4. June 2023 23:59

A Music and Dance Faculty (HAMU) Festival organised in cooperation with the Environmental Panel of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

4. 6. 2023, 14:00-24:00
Malostranské nám. 13, Praha 1


Ticket reservations for selected shows with limited seating capacity: https://bit.ly/45b4zgI

Svět se mění a s ním i způsoby naší kreativní existence v něm. Pandemie, geopolitická situace i nástup umělé inteligence radikálně posouvají životní postoje i návyky nás všech. Proměňuje se vnímání času a také to, jakým způsobem s ním zacházíme. Snad je to právě zvýšená citlivost umělců a umělkyň, kteří se výjimečným způsobem pokoušejí reagovat na aktuální proměny.

The world is changing, and so are the modes of our creative existence in it. The pandemic, the geopolitical situation, and the rise of artificial intelligence are all radically shifting life stances and habits for us all. The perception of time is changing, as is the way we handle it. Maybe it is the heightened sensitivity of artists who are trying to respond to the current changes in an exceptional manner.

(H)AMUFEST is creating a new continuum in this sense, bringing the youngest generation of artists across performing arts to a shared stage. Over the course of one Sunday afternoon, it will present the latest results of its creative work while offering much more. It will also try to collectively seek answers to the question of how to avoid losing room for concentration and creative forethought in an accelerated world, which is full of often chaotic and unorganised data noise. The above two qualities can provide a unique tool for revealing the nature of the changes we are experiencing.

The immediate connection between (H)AMUFESTu and the Environmental Panel of AMU seeks to accentuate the environmental topic, one of the most visible reflections of the far-reaching socio-cultural changes driven by the massive development of technology.

Contemporary music, jazz, drums and percussion, improvisation, piano, singing, non-verbal theatre, dancing, electronica, DJs, sonic installation, performance, site specific.

Malostranské náměstí 13

Malostranské náměstí 13

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