Starting on 1 January 2006, an amendment to the Higher Education Act has required all higher education institutions to make Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral theses, and in certain cases also other university qualifying papers (hereinafter theses) accessible by means of a database (Section 47b).

In response to the amendmentAMU has introduced an internal regulation on the manner of publishing theses – Decree of the Rector No. 2/2006which generally stipulates the conditions and manner of such publication. The drafting and preparation of text works is governed by Decree of the Rector No. 4/2006 with the annex entitled Samples.

In accordance with Act No. 216/2006 Coll. as amended, which modifies Act No. 121/2000 Coll. on Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright and on Amendments to Certain Acts (the Copyright Act), a written Licence Agreement is concluded at AMU with authors for purposes of publishing theses. The wording of the Licence Agreement is available in the AMU Academic Information System (KOS).

AMU will make accessible all defended works in electronic form (in accordance with the Licence Agreement signed by the author) in AMU’s digital repozitory in the DSpace system. In accordance with the last amendment to the Copyright Act, all printed works will also be made accessible to interested parties for on-site use in the relevant AMU faculty libraries.



Here you will find details about drafting the thesis and its submission.


AMU Libraries

Theses up to the year 2006 can be found in the electronic catalogue of the relevant faculty library and can be checked out for on-site use in accordance with the Copyright Act, as amended. Gradually, records of newer works are being entered into the library catalogue as well. You can obtain more detailed information in the relevant faculty library.


The AMU Repository contains works dating from 2006. Here your will find records of qualifying works and their full-text versions, as well as audio-visual recordings of artistic performances. The full texts and AV recordings are made accessible in accordance with the Licence Agreement which AMU has concluded with each work’s author.


The National Registry of Theses provides access to records and full-text versions of theses from most public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. Since 2006, AMU has provided only records to this registry, not full-text versions.